Presentation at the 4th PRINCE2 DAY on 11 April 2008 in Cologne

At the beginning of the project, the PRINCE2 processes "Starting up a project" and "lnitiating a project" are decisive for the further success of the project. Here the management team lays the foundations to be prepared for the unexpected later on. This is where the project's external impact and the internal rules of the game are defined.

Experienced PRINCE2 Practitioner Jens Hoffmann uses a field report from a PRINCE2-led project to show how LEGO SERIOUS PLAY (TM) increased the quality of results and shortened the duration. Participants will learn how project managers use the scientifically based Lego concept to tap the creative potential of the entire team and thus improve management processes at the same time.

The current conference programme and registration information can be found on the homepage of the 4th PRINCE2 Day.

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PRINCE2 is the international de-facto standard for best practice processes in project management.

LEGO SERIOUS PLAY is a joint development of the Danish toy giant LEGO, MIT and lMD Lausanne. In the low-risk environment of serious play, management teams develop the identity of the management team, analyse the project stakeholders and project risks and derive concrete action maxims as well as actions for the project. The concept can also be used effectively during the course of the project. Holistic problem analysis and solution design as well as continuous risk management are just two of the possible areas of application.