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This was the topic of a 2-day workshop that I conducted last week together with students from the Master's programme in Innovation Management at Esslingen University of Applied Sciences. The aim of this workshop was to jointly...


Open ears and nimble fingers - LEGO SERIOUS PLAY™ at the 4th PRINCE2 Day in Cologne

How do you get more than 60 stakeholders to work together on a project? How can you speak a common language in global project teams despite different cultures and interests? What is the identity of a project and how can it be communicated to all participants? Questions with which the experienced project manager and LEGO SERIOUS PLAY facilitator Jens Hoffmann met with an open ear at the 4th PRINCE2 Day in Cologne on 12.4.08 from the consultants and project managers present. In his one-hour talk, Hoffmann was able to report from his own experience of projects that threatened to fail because of these questions. "Out of sheer desperation", Hoffmann reported, he therefore got the stakeholders together for a LEGO SERIOUS PLAY workshop. As a result, the participants were able to look at a unified picture of the external and internal representation of the project, play through management processes from start to finish and, above all, successfully continue the project.

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