Workshop Esslingen University of Applied SciencesThis was the topic of a 2-day workshop that I held last week together with students from the Master's programme in Innovation Management at the Esslingen University of Applied Sciences. The aim of this workshop was to develop a business model for a new service together with the students.

The basic framework for the workshop was a LEGO SERIOUS PLAY™ process specially adapted to the development of innovations. Introductory exercises in creative thinking, storytelling and working with the available LEGO material created the foundations for the work. One student remarked after completing the first block that "I could give you any topic now and they would be able to use LEGO to come up with an idea for it."

In the remaining 1.5 days, a business model was developed together, the strategic influencing factors were identified and the robustness of the model was tested in scenarios. Overall, it was impressive to see how quickly a viable solution was developed that was supported by all.