Interested in who we are? Please read our four Guiding Principles:

Corporate sustainability

We support our clients to create new, future oriented economic and social structures and sustainable innovations. Our goal is to consult and to deliver inspiring experiences, long lasting and lean solutions.


We believe that everyone wants to contribute, to share and leave a legacy. For us community building is not ending with the implementation and use of social media tools. It is about developing a new social culture and organizational structure that enables people and companies to democratize their culture and to transform their old hierarchy and tightly controlled structure into a lean, agile and decisive processes. In the same way it is NOT about "control & command", but about edge-oriented collaboration and transparency, in short: collaborative leadership.

Integrative thinking

Our integrative mindset is expressed by the Hoffmann Consulting Logo. In our work we always strive for a holistic approach:
left brain & right brain. strategy & creativity. change & continuity. business & IT. tools & processes. opportunities & risks. community & structures...

Systems thinking

There are no monocausal problems, only complex challenges. We embrace complexity and transform it into manageable and sustainable solutions. Together with our clients we are heeding diversity as a success factor. Our problem solving helps to clarify complex situations and interdependencies without oversimpilification.

We know that the solution is always in the system. A system will only change successfully if the change comes from within. Most of the external solutions are failing because of a lack of ownership and acceptance. Therefore we facilitate the birth of solutions from within the system and help our clients to bring them to life by active support combined with our external impulses, experiences and ideas.