Quickly get into conversation with each other, understand where other participants come from and what topics move them. The networking session with LEGO SERIOUS PLAY™ will be an exciting springboard into an interesting and informative day for the participants of the PRINCE2 Day on 24.04.1009. Playfully and intensively at the same time, the participants will get to know each other and thus create contact points for interesting conversations during the breaks and at lunch.

At the same time, the networking session is a short introduction to the method of facilitated intensive dialogue with LEGO SERIOUS PLAY™ for working groups and teams to (re)design the common future.

Project teams are currently under particularly high pressure to deliver top performance with fewer staff and in a shorter time. Dialogue workshops with the LEGO method bring participants quickly to the point, create a common understanding of what is important, work out effective solutions together that were not conceivable with conventional methods and plan implementation with the greatest possible flexibility. In doing so, they use the latest findings from brain research to utilise the full creative potential of all participants.

The following workshops are particularly suitable for use in project management:

  • Project StartUp
  • Project TeamKickOff

Other areas of application are project risk management and intensive and targeted stakeholder dialogue.