The innovative use of LEGO materials for the Leadership & Community Development Workshop of the first generation of students at King Abdullah University (KAUST) was also the magazine's BrickJournal is worth a detailed article. The magazine for adult Lego fans presents the workshop in an overview and describes the individual modules of the workshop in detail:

  • Leadership & Community, LEGO SERIOUS PLAY™ Workshop (designed & facilitated by me)
  • Community Development and Hand-Mind Integration with LEGO Mindstorms (conceived & moderated by Eugene Tsai of Brixplay, Taiwan).
  • The reflective practitioner, KnowledgeCafé (conceived & moderated by Bashar Al Safadi from Omniegypt, Egypt)

Normally, the magazine is only available by subscription or retail. However, Joe Meno, the magazine's editor and official reporter of the workshop, has given us permission to make this article available to our readers free of charge on Just click on the image and download the full article. Have fun reading!