We proudly present.... LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® in a Day!

Since 2009 we have continuously developed our 3-day facilitator training StrategicPlay® FUNdamentals on LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®. Participant reports can be found for example here and here. Because the experiences from the seminar and workshop practice flow directly into the following trainings, new, fascinating aspects and topics are always added for the participants.

At some point we were frequently asked whether it would not be possible to learn the basics of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® in-house in less than three days - as "basic equipment", so to speak. This is how our turbo training StrategicPlay® STARTER on LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® came into being two years ago. The great popularity of this short seminar in companies has prompted us to now also offer it as an open training.

The differences between the one-day and three-day forms are contrasted here:

StrategicPlay® Starter on LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® StrategicPlay® FUNdamentals on LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®
Duration of the training 1 day 3 days
Training content
  • LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology
  • Role of the facilitator
  • the generic process from warm-up to individual model building in theory and practice
As for the 1-day training (see left) plus

  • all LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® processes for strategy and team development
Focus How to use LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® in workshops for

  • Brainstorming
  • Networking
  • Vision development
  • "Rapid prototyping" of individual thinking models in the team to reveal and discuss them
As for the 1-day training (see left) plus

  • LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® for joint vision development in the team
  • systemic presentation
  • Real Time Strategy
  • Identity development of the team
  • and much more.
Duration of the workshops that you can lead after the training 30 minutes to approx. 3 hours As for the 1-day training (see left)  plus

  • the one to two-day LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® workshops on strategy and team development
Price of the training 590 € to 680 € depending on ticket type (excl. VAT) 1,930 € to 2,100 € depending on ticket type (excl. VAT)

Do you have any questions about LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® training? Then simply get in touch with us by phone or e-mail.