Tackling challenges with fun.
Making complexity tangible in a playful way.
StrategicPlay® is an official training provider for LEGO® Serious Play®, CoCreACT®, and STORMZ.


You can learn our co-creative methods in our trainings.
Become an expert in Lego® Serious Play®, CoCreACT® or STORMZ!

Training dates

Lego® Serious Play® Basics Training
(1 day)

01. February 2019 (fully booked) 

29. March 2019 (fully booked) 

10. May 2019 (fully booked)

07. June 2019 

26. July 2019

16. August 2019

13. December 2019

CoCreACT® Certified Facilitator Training (3 days)

Coming soon again!

STORMZ Certified Facilitator Training
(1 day)

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Furthermore we support Crea Germany e.V. with events concerning topics like innovation an creativity:

Highlights in November:
 in Berlin (16.-17.11.2018)

10. September: 
Innovative Schulen 
(am Beispiel der Winterhuder Reformschule)

03. December:
„How fascinating to make mistakes!“ – die andere Art des Jahresrückblicks

StrategicPlay® is Hoffmann Consulting’s brand for innovative and co-creative workshop design, facilitation, and trainings. The mission of StrategicPlay® is to unlock the full creative potential in diverse groups to create a better future.

StrategicPlay® is an official training provider for LEGO® Serious Play® since 2010 and has since trained hundreds of facilitators in this methodology. Furthermore, StrategicPlay® is an official training provider for CoCreACT® (since 2015) and digital facilitation with STORMZ (since 2016).

Our team of workshop designers and facilitators is not only experienced in enabling and guiding groups of experts to create innovative solutions for their most pressing challenges but also in combining highly effective practical methodologies based on the latest science with a dynamic and visual approach to facilitation and documentation.

We want our clients to see and use their creative potential.

Creativity is a process, not a talent.
That’s why we believe that everyone is creative. 

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We will make your strategies tangible with you – for you, your company and your customers. A shared and “understandable” vision makes up the basis for that. Then we focus on the challenges that need to be mastered in order to live the vision and plan the implementation.


Teams need to take two factors into account to work together successfully: they have a common understanding of what distinguishes them and where they are heading. At the same time, they know what it takes to cooperate successfully and who contributes what. We help with the big step from ME to US and lead teams into the common future.


Everyone is creative! And we tease out the maximum of your creative potential so you can approach and shape the challenge co-creatively: from a vision over solution sketches to concrete activities. In experiments, you validate the chances of success of your new solutions in line with the “Lean Startup” approach.


When it comes to breathing live into values, a new corporate culture or strategy our co-creative expertise provides the ideal support. By developing together how the new projects can be lived, vague ideas become concrete and tangible. The abstract becomes comprehensible and transforms into energy and spirit of optimism.


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