Tomorrow’s leading organizations are seeking creative competencies to balance their critical reasoning skills and to active innovation. Globalization has paved the way for many organizations to depend upon technology for communication, at times creating barriers to effective dialog and the loss of organizational intelligence. To work truly effectively during the twenty-first century people need to possess a shared working mental model. Mental models explain an overlapping understanding that people have regarding their tasks, objectives, the work structure, the processes, and the strategy they implement as they strive to accomplish joint goals and manage change.

We provide workshops around the globe offering sessions in English, German, French, Spanish and a variety of other languages. In all our workshops we use a variety of culturally appropriate methods that assist the learning process by engaging the whole brain in three dimensional creative thinking. Our trainers design and develop fast passed sessions to ignite innovation through interactive, facilitated hands-on experiences. Our workshops facilitate the communication of ideas and perceptions via storytelling, model building, and innovation mining. Participants gain a deeper understanding of what the organization is working towards along with how others think and perform as they work to achieve stated goals. The fact that people enjoy our process so much they lose track of time is no accident; it is all part of our unique offering—an experience with lasting lessons that people never forget.

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Real Time Strategy

Our strategy sessions are facilitated and we use an un-consulting approach because we believe you are the expert. In our sessions we facilitate strategic thinking. And within the playroom we create a safe environment where you can test your business scenarios. During the process you will be able to observe both internal and external dynamics, quickly gaining an awareness of a variety of possibilities. We will help your team focus on a specific business challenge using our unique 3D thinking and creative problem solving tools. This process can help you reach a better solution faster. And the results will be dramatically different from those of the standard session because we incorporate design thinking. You will reach immediate, actionable solutions to even your most complex problems. Together we will work with you to conduct the current situation analysis, create unique solutions, and select the best path forward to reach your identified goals and objectives. We use Action Research to facilitate the process and to design and implement the playbook with tools that will ignite your thinking. We form partnerships with our clients and together we create solutions that work.

High Performance Teams

Teams that have a strong, clear, shared mental model perform better and are more productive. Great teams increase companies‘ return on their investments and gain more of the market share. Teams functioning at this high level share information easily and make decisions quickly and correctly. They like spending time together and value each others contributions. They adjust on the fly and they work together to help the group succeed. It is that simple.

Teamwork is a term we use; yet many organizations complain their teams are just not functioning at a high level. So how can we promise 100% engagement with our workshops and team development programs? We know that people learn more when they play and engage their whole brains. So to deliver our programs we use a variety of well- researched, creative methods. We have created our own customized applications based in psychology, education, business, art and play therapy, and creative problem solving. These engage, motivate, and help teams create shared mental models, where thinking and innovation happen at deeper and richer levels. Whatever your needs, we use design thinking to facilitate a unique hands-on, interactive experience to get both sides of your brain working. The learning in our workshops is directly transferable back into the workplace. We are not engaging in team-building but rather team development.

Community Building

As the world changes so do the faces of our neighborhoods and communities, along with our economical development needs. We must build and support healthy, well-connected communities, in order to develop a sustainable future. The Strategic Playroom is a perfect place to gather, bringing everyone’s ideas together. It is quite likely that the next great idea is somewhere in the mind of the person who lives next door. Traditional, top down community or board meetings often leave people feeling empty and disengaged. They may feel the need to be oppositional or protest to have a voice at the table. Our interactive, hands-on approach works exceptionally well when it is important to hear from everyone, while encouraging engagement and cooperation from the group. In order to have stakeholder buy-in people need an opportunity to be heard. Our approach not only solicits the popular opinion but challenges people to exchange ideas on a deeper and more thoughtful level, while examining the challenges together. We believe the leaders of the future need support from the community in order to work together to create a brighter future. You might be looking to create well-being or to improve social justice. Maybe you are looking for new approaches to economic development. Whatever your unique needs, we will customize a process using 3D design thinking to help you create the next step toward a better tomorrow for your community.

Collaborative Leadership

Demographics clearly indicate that within the next few years we will see a mass exodus of baby boomers leaving the work force for retirement or retreading. They will be leaving top management and middle management positions vacant. The next generation of leaders will need to think strategically, know how to lead a team, and support innovation. They will need more than just good management skills; they will need creative thinking skills and the ability to collaborate and function at the highest levels. As the world becomes more complicated, doing it all alone is impossible. Leaders must be able to collaborate and engage others as they move the organization forward toward its strategic goals. Our hands-on, innovative workshops help leaders to think in new ways that support their efforts to develop 21st century skills. We will help you to blend your proven business processes with creative and innovative thinking, in order to help you to reach your stated goals. The only thing we can be sure about when we think of the future is things are changing fast. Do not be left behind using old school processes that may not work to solve the problems of the future.

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