Co-creative from a tangible vision to immediate action: Our new CoCreAct-Faciliator Training!

NEW: CoCreACT! 3day Facilitator Training:
14.-16. Oktober 2015 (in Hamburg) Sign up now!

Blog Article about the CoCreACT Training by Bruce Scharlau 


The CoCreACT Training is the right training for those who want …

  • solve problems effectively.
  • create and move things foward.
  • nurture their creative potential – for themselves and for their team
  • more creativity and actions in their (team) work.

What you will learn

DAY 1 (Level 1): Systematic Creativity for Me!

Uncover your personal style of creative work and in where your preference in the creative process is! Discover with which tools and techniques you can build up your personal creative potential. Pack your „creative suitcase“: A process with easy to follow steps and tools that you will benefit from in your personal and job life.

(Level 1 is also available as independent 1-day training)

DAY 2 + 3 (Level 2): Facilitating CoCreACT!

Day 2 and 3 are dedicated to learn and practice the creative collaboration and facilitating teams through the creative process. In several workshops you will experience – applying the Creative Problem Solving Prozesses and different tools – this very effective way of creative team work. Step by step you will gain more creative competence and skills as a facilitator for systematic creativity and will be able to prove on the last day. Creative and practical- CoCreAct!

After the 3 days of Training …

  • you will guide your teams as Idea Jones through creative adventures.
  • you will know how to cross the problem swamp and get to the top of your challenge.
  • you will have a full and ready „creative suitcase“ with resources and materials to keep on nurturing your creative potential.
  • you know how to apply the Creative Problem Solving Process for yourself and for your teams.
  • you will find your way from vision to action

What our alumni say about our „Systematic Creativity Training“


„This training makes it clear and understanable how everybody can be creative.“

„Very interesting and effective way of solving problems in a creative way!“

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