When you participate in our facilitator training you learn to design, facilitate, and integrate your own workshops with the StrategicPlay® concept based on LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY™. In three days of intensive training you will learn the essence of our experiences and knowledge – by incorporating current research and many practical tools and techniques. For this the StrategicPlay®Room has extracted and condensed all experiences, know how, and, best practices.

Training is offered in various locations in Europe and North America in both English and/or German.

What is StrategicPlay®?

StrategicPlay® is a unique concept that develops the knowledge and creativity of participants based on LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY™. Complex problems and decisions are deeply understood. Groups of any size can develop risk-free sustainable strategies ready for immediate implementation in the market place!


LEGO® Serious Play is a thinking, problem solving tool that engages groups, large and small, in a dynamic process where 3D LEGO® models become artifacts that hold complex organizational information. This process helps participants tell powerful stories, uncovering thoughts at far deeper levels and to develop accurate mental models of the project at hand. We propose to use LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY™ to address the ongoing team communication of complex issues as individuals explore their individual and collective identities and develop a shared team language through metaphors and storytelling. The process combines play, constructionism, and imagination to bring group aspirations into the NOW. By developing the team’s identity and life 3D models, the participants gain insight into the workings of their team and its interconnections. In doing so they set the foundation for more effective communication and decision making. Within a project management process, this is an excellent tool used to understand the fuzzy questions at the beginning of a project, to learn about team identity and team member roles, and for assessing risk factors. It also provides a powerful approach to rapid prototyping and scenario testing in the later stages of the project.

Who should register?

Anyone who is looking for a better way to:

  • Unlock the knowledge, experience and creativity of a group of people;
  • Analyze complex situations and issues and gain new essential insights;
  • Co-create new, sustainable and practical solutions, which will be enthusiastically supported and implemented by everyone involved;
  • Be prepared now and in the future to successfully manage constant change.

Voices from the last training:

“I did not believe that solving complex problems can be easy and fun until I attended the StrategicPlay® Fundamentals Training.”

“An experienced StrategicPlay® facillitator can help any team to reveal the true essence of a problem and then find sustainable solutions.”

“Every meeting or workshop in which I use LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® is a success now.”

What do you take with you?

  • You will learn the practical application of StrategicPlay® tools and methods to use in a variety of workplace situations.
  • You will be able to initiate processes and collaboration to enhance self-organization of teams or aid in the development of a new team identity.
  • You will learn the key components needed to design effective change processes, such as Real-Time Strategy, Systems Thinking and Theory U.
  • You will obtain training materials, inspiration and valuable experiences around StrategicPlay®.
  • You will connect with others also working and using hands-on, interactive, 3D, and visual thinking tools. And you will have the opportunity to become part of an open community where sharing and exploration is welcomed.

Who are we?

We are StrategicPlay partners located in North America and Europe. We were part of the former LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY™ partner program with the LEGO Group in Demark. Since 2007, our international community has been working together through co-creation where we have further developed the method. Since 2009, we have been offering „StrategicPlay® Fundamentals“ training for a facilitators, based on LEGO SERIOUS PLAY.

Why does StrategicPlay® work?

StrategicPlay® is based on LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY™, and has been strategically enhanced through the integration of more creative and playful methods and offers the following:

  • Externalization of mental models: Unspoken, unconscious knowledge and assumptions are disclosed and examined. Through the neutral view from the outside and differing perspectives, the team easily recognizes new opportunities and options in the system.
  • Identification through visual language: Using images and artifacts, the facilitated method enhances the identification of what was discussed (ownership). The participants enjoy building a shared language and understanding.
  • 4dimensional thinking: Three-dimensional models and landscapes support a deep understanding of the complexity and success factors of the system. With „time“ as 4th dimension we simulate developments and scenarios within the system.
  • Fun: The commitment to change increases with the emotional involvement and personal contribution during the problem solving process. Using our playful approach we can guarantee 100% engagement.

Why StrategicPlay®?

StrategicPlay® increases the chances of success of new projects and team development. It is an effective tool in risk and change management:

  • New strategies can be tested in their context and in terms of improved chances of success.
  • It provides low-risk, creativity-enhancing and problem-solving measures.

Inspiring people with StrategicPlay® is a breeze:

  • Participants thoughts and ideas are integrated effectively and the knowledge and experience of each individual is explored and valued. This creates enthusiasm and commitment;
  • Strategy development with StrategicPlay® is speedy: It occurs over two days the process fence jumps over the usual theoretical roundabouts;
  • Unknown assumptions are systematically detected and appropriately addressed;
  • All relevant Information is visualized, evaluated and made available.

How could a StrategicPlay® Workshop look like?

  1. Imagine being able to visualize all aspects of a brand identity, OR all relevant success factors and stakeholders of a complex project, OR you can review in a snap shot a complex crisis scenario.  All this is possible using this process to create ONE model that illustrates the working system.
  2. The tool allows everyone on your team to bring his/her expertise and experience into focus for all to understand.
  3. You can simulate and learn from random scenarios in order to prepare for the future of your company, team, or project.
  4. From this you can distill information in order to lead your team or project to success: goals, dependencies, critical success factors, risks, etc. are explored and addressed.
  5. The group will emerge with a mental model and shared understanding of the current situation where possible future scenarios have been considered. This is the best way to develop a resilient strategy!

Do not miss out on this opportunity to learn this how to facilitate using this powerful tool , training space is limited…follow the steps and register now.

And why wait, you can join the open source play movement today by connecting with our inspirational global community  StrategicPlay®Room Community!

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