A space that is fun and allows ideas to flow. A retreat for shared vision, reflection and creativity. A play space for ideas.

Coronasafe? But safe. We want you to feel safe. You can find our hygiene concept here. There is even a Air purifier on site!

To reach new solutions faster to unprecedented challenges in uncertain times, companies and teams need more intensive collaboration.

New methods such as design thinking and agile procedures are becoming more and more popular.

But this requires more than just conventional meeting rooms. It needs spaces predestined for co-creative processes.

That's why we created our CoCreACT® Space:

With lots of space and flexible equipment for thinking and sharing together.
With a wide variety of material for developing ideas.
With a wide variety of material for prototyping solutions.

  • For strategy workshops
  • Innovation Workshops
  • Team optimisation
  • Retrospectives
  • Or simply to play together.

How much more fun co-creative work in a team is when you have the perfect environment for it! For this, the CoCreACT Space offers everything that promotes working and having fun in a team.

Flexible furniture. You can freely roll our tables, chairs and presentation material through the 130sqm wherever and however you need them!

Plenty of free space. Feel free to produce posters and post-its without end, we have enough walls to present! And if it's still not enough, (you deserve our absolute admiration and) there are still plenty of flexible walls available to hold everything you've produced.

A paradise for facilitation geeks. (Yes, we admit it, we are some too.) From facilitation to gaming materials, we have (and continue to buy) everything the facilitation geek heart desires.

Let's allow ourselves more room to play. Besides having fun, play also promotes learning, understanding and creative thinking. We should definitely benefit from this as adults too!

A creative process may not be a game, but at its best it is always playful!

The CoCreACT® Space offers plenty of space and material to be creative together, to explore and shape topics. And lots of inspiring "play material" to develop and prototype ideas.

And we have so much more than LEGO®:

  • Plenty and variety of protoyping material for design thinking sessions.
  • Robotics gadgets like Sphero or LEGO® Mindstorms, because anyone can learn programming.
  • Storytelling cards, storycubes and much more to inspire with storytelling.
  • Cooperative board and other games, simply for fun & games.

The CoCreACT Space is perfectly located! Centrally located in Hamburg's city centre, close to the harbour! And very quietly on the ground floor in the backyard of an old Hamburg office building steeped in history, the Afrikahaus.

CoCreACT® Space powered by StrategicPlay®
Afrikahaus (in the Elefantenhaus in the backyard)
Große Reichenstraße 27
20457 Hamburg

You can reach our space by public transport: U Bahn stop Messberg or Jungfernstieg (U1) or Rathaus (U3).

There are no parking spaces available, but the Große Reichenstraße multi-storey car park is right next door.


The CoCreACT® Space is part of StrategicPlay®! We need a lot of space so that our training participants and clients can let off steam creatively!

If you are interested in hiring our space, you are welcome to do so with or without the support of StrategicPlay®.

In the Space are available:

  • An approx. 170sqm space with facilitation walls, flip charts, projector and all the materials facilitator and participants dream of,
  • a large variety and number of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® sets (for rent through the official LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® training provider StrategicPlay®)
  • Tables, chairs and other mobile furniture for up to 30 people,
  • a pantry and a large, filled SMEG fridge,
  • Multiple SONOS PLAY:5 speakers for room-filling music streaming,
  • 2 WCs
  • and of course Wifi.
  • Costs: 1,000.00€ (net) per day plus 15,00€ beverage flat rate per person