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CoCreACT® Your Futures

Explore new worlds together and discover new possibilities. This is your kickstarter into new ventures. In this VISION WORKSHOP you will design the target state of your preferred future. (Optional with LEGO® Serious Play®!)
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CoCreACT® Sprints

A confusing challenge lies ahead? In these hands-on CoCreACT® SPRINTS, we help you clarify what lies ahead and design new and promising solutions. We focus on rapid progress and experimentation to test whether you are on the right track.

Team Potential Wokshop

Learn and practice your joint constructive collaboration in this centring TEAM WORKSHOP. Our CoCreACT® principles promote your resilience and co-creativity.

Welcome to the age of ambiguity.

Many companies and people still live in the good old days. A time when everything was clear. When 5-year plans worked. In which it was clear who was a competitor and who was a partner. Economic success was achieved by those who produced their products in the same quality at prices in line with the market. That time is over. We are at a turning point in time that is calling many previous certainties and habits into question. Business models, hierarchies, career paths, cooperation and the demand for products and services are changing at breakneck speed. Welcome to the age of ambiguity.

Courage for new solutions.


The challenge: Many people find it difficult to let go of the familiar and embrace the uncertain. Combined with the need to urgently find new solutions, the uncertainty of new situations triggers fear in many, which blocks the existing creative potential and prevents effective new solutions. Denial of the need for change, stagnation, aimless actionism or a lack of decisiveness are signs of this fear.

Learn to harness uncertainty in complex times.

Step 1

The first step is to disempower the fear of uncertainty by giving it a name: Ambiguity. Ambiguity describes the field of tension where problems are thorny, solutions are blurred and trends and information are contradictory.

Step 2

Therefore, the second step is to switch from defensive to active design mode. This working in ambiguity needs continuous, fast and low-risk learning, experimenting and testing. With our CoCreACT® approach, we increase the imagination for effective solutions that open up new potentials.

Innovation is only possible in ambiguity.

Ambiguity will not become less. We cannot change that. What we CAN change is our reaction, how we deal with it and use it. Innovation is only possible in ambiguity. No one creates something new without courage and risk. With confidence and trust, we see ambiguity as potential instead of missing the opportunity. And we show you how to navigate it.
Become an #AmbiguityActivist with us.

For us, ambiguity is the uncertainty of possibilities. Uncertainty is room for manoeuvre.

The CoCreACT® Method

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We believe in cooperative collaboration because we believe in the collective wisdom: shared knowledge is more than the sum of individual ideas. The one hundred percent participation of all team members allows for a deeper understanding that brings forth previously unknown insights.



Everyone is creative. Creativity is not the talent of an individual, but a process that everyone can shape and learn. And the more playful the methods, the more imaginative and surprising the results.


The intensive link between hand and brain increases the imagination for unique and innovative solutions. That's why we prototype. We also make abstract concepts of brands, business models and strategies visible and tangible through prototyping. Now they can be worked on systematically and developed further together.

Our CoCreACT® training concept

With CoCreAct® we have developed a training concept that combines the best of various creative processes, such as Design Thinking, Creative Problem Solving or the Lean Start Up approach. With CroCreAct® you learn creative methods to test solutions concretely in experiments. We help you to anchor your new creative potential and want to support you in directly implementing your visions and ideas.

A creative process does not end with an idea. CoCreACT® effectively tackles any worthwhile challenge and directly starts its validation and implementation.

Ambiguity, complexity and uncertainty are our creative potential that needs to be discovered. That is why we start the CoCreACT® training on the first day with an "Ambiguity Bootcamp", so that we can proceed in a structured way even in uncertain times.

CoCreACT® Online Taster Training (2 hrs.)

If you would like to get to know CoCreACT® better, now is your chance with this new 2-hour format!

Time: 10:00 - 12:00 clock
Cost: 89,00€ incl. VAT.

What you can expect:

  • Experience CoCreACT® with other virtual participants in practice-oriented exercises.
  • Get to know the essential elements of CoCreACT®.
  • Get an overview of CoCreACT® tools, process and mindset, as well as the wide range of applications.
  • Get a CoCreACT® download from us specifically for this training!

What you take with you:

  • Learn more about ambiguity and why it is underestimated potential in our working lives.
  • Work on a concrete, ambiguous problem and get new ways of thinking and co-creative tools.
  • Learn about the potential of CoCreACT® for innovation and transformation.

What you need to know:

  • This session will take place with Zoom and MIRO.
  • You will need a quiet place for the duration of the training and a MIRO and Zoom compatible device with microphone and camera.

CoCreACT® Online Fundamentals Training (5 hours)

Solving new problems that arise in uncertainty requires both courage and risk. If you see ambiguity as an opportunity, you can take action to navigate it successfully. And we are here to support you along the way.

Learn the basics of the CoCreACT® approach to innovation in ambiguity!

Time: 9:00 - 14:00
Cost: 590,00€ incl. VAT.

This online session is a 5-hour learning journey:

  • for individuals and teams;
  • which helps develop tools, skills and mindsets to drive innovation;
  • that is practical, appealing and can be implemented immediately.

Get a 100 Euro credit towards a next training of your choice (except the taster trainings) (the discount is only valid for one further training and cannot be credited towards any number of trainings).

What you take with you:

  • Explore what innovation is, how to define it and talk about it with others.
  • Identify obstacles that can often inhibit innovation.
  • Practice using innovation tools to build your innovation skills and confidence.
  • Identify opportunities to apply what you have learned in your own work and life.
  • Training materials: After successfully completing the digital training, you will receive the CoCreACT® Fundamentals Innovation Playbook. There you will find everything you need to immediately put into practice what you have learned. The playbook contains all the tools you have learned and practiced so that you are ready to run a CoCreACT® process on your own!

What you need to know:

  • We recommend this training as a prerequisite if you want to do the CoCreACT® Certified Facilitator Training. 
  • This session will take place with Zoom and MIRO.
  • You will need a quiet place for the duration of the training and a MIRO and Zoom compatible device with microphone and camera.

CoCreACT® Certified Facilitator Training (3 days)

With CoCreACT® we want to achieve exactly that: To empower people to act flexibly in ambiguity in order to identify and shape new opportunities.

Time: 9:00 - 18:00
Cost: 1.990,00€ - 2.090,00€ incl. VAT.

We offer:

  1. CoCreACT® Tools to be prepared with the right tools at all times and to get started
  2. CoCreACT® Skills, to have the skills to continuously transform uncertainty into new potential, as well as
  3. CoCreACT® Mindset based on 6 simple guiding principles that are our compass to navigate co-creatively in ambiguity

You can learn this in the three-day Certified CoCreACT® Facilitator Training, which consists of two elements: 

  1. Ambiguity Bootcamp - Bookable separately! 

    Explore your relationship with ambiguity and how you can use the possibilities hidden in your personal ambiguous challenges. For this we show different ways of behaving and our 6 guiding principles in ambiguity and practice applying new tools to your areas of tension. This one-day training will bring you more confidence and curiosity to find your way in uncertainty. You will not only learn this for yourself, but it will also help you in your interactions with colleagues, friends and family.

    You can book the Ambiguity Bootcamp separately if you want to learn more about your own approach to ambiguity and do not want to facilitate CoCreACT® for teams.

  2. CoCreACT® Facilitator Training

    On the second day of the CoCreACT® Facilitator Training you will get to know the Swiss Army Knife of co-creative processes: The CoCreACT® process, in whose four phases you can transform any complicated or complex situation into exciting challenges. We will show you what it takes to increase the team's imagination in order to come up with effective ideas that are then effectively tested in experiments. You learn this hands-on with real challenges from the group of participants. You will get to know yourself better, which strengths, preferences and blind spots you have when designing something new.

    On the third day it is time to apply what you have learned yourself. You take turns facilitating phases of the CoCreACT® process and discover yourself in your new role. In debriefings, we discover the last practical subtleties that are needed for successful CoCreACT® expertise.

Day 1 

Ambiguity Bootcamp - What is my personal approach to ambiguity? What do I need in order to use it? Which mindset, skills and tools help me in uncertainty?

9:00 - 18:00


Day 2 & 3

CoCreACT® Facilitator Training: How do I support teams with ambiguous projects? Which phases with which tools and skills should we go through in order to shape any kind of challenge co-creatively and agilely?

9:00 - 18:00/19:00

You should definitely attend if you ...

  • want to discover and use their full creative potential - for themselves personally and for teams.
  • not shy away from challenging, uncertain situations, but want to tackle them.
  • want to develop, validate and implement new solutions quickly and co-creatively in teams.
  • would like a complement to LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®.

After 3 days of CoCreACT® training ...

  • you can support teams in any creative adventure, no matter how complex and ambiguous.
  • you have packed your "creative suitcase" full to the brim with materials that will help you use and develop your creative potential at any time.
  • you are familiar with the CoCreACT® process and a wide range of creative tools and have already tried them out in the "facilitator role".
  • you will find the right challenge, idea and implementation more quickly.

Training material

Everything you need for successful CoCreACT® facilitation is included in our Facilitator Card Deck. You will receive this together with your certificate after successfully completing the training. This card deck contains all the instructions for conducting CoCreACT® phases and supporting them with tools as needed. With the Facilitator Card Deck you are ready to start with CoCreACT® at any time.


Anyone can participate in the Ambiguity Bootcamp. For the full Certified CoCreACT® Facilitator Training we assume that you already have knowledge and experience in facilitating groups.

What you take away for yourself personally

Ambiguity will not scare you, but will awaken your curiosity and what potential is hidden in it. We find out which thinking/tools you can use to expand your creative potential. We pack everything you need into your personal "creative suitcase": a customised basic process, tools that fit well in your hand, as well as exercises that you can use every day in the truest sense of the word.

What you take away for yourself as a facilitator

Day 2 and 3 belong to creative work in teams. In several workshops you will experience - using the CoCreACT® process and different tools - an amazingly effective form of creative teamwork. Step by step you will acquire new creative skills and apply them directly as a facilitator in workshops.

CoCreACT® as the perfect complement to LEGO® Serious Play®.

Lego® Serious Play® is a highly visual and haptic method for developing strategies and optimising collaboration in teams. CoCreAct® now forms the foundation for creative and innovation processes and is widely applicable. 

CoCreAct® is a highly effective training that increases your ability to systematically develop and implement new solutions to new challenges in uncertain situations. It teaches basic concepts and methods to address the real issues, to increase imagination alone or in groups and thus effectively drive the development of new ideas. You will learn to identify your personal comfort zone in the creative process and to make your own work more effective by learning to move out of your comfort zone to a healthy degree. 

You can complete the training before becoming a Lego® Serious Play® Certified Facilitator, but also as an additional supplement after the LEGO® Serious Play® training. 

Now new for our alumni: