About Us

StrategicPlay® is Hoffmann Consulting’s brand for innovative and co-creative workshop design, facilitation and trainings. The mission of StrategicPlay is to unlock the full creative potential in diverse groups to create a better future.

StrategicPlay® is official training provider for LEGO® Serious Play® since 2010 and has since trained hundreds of facilitators in this methodology. Furthermore, StrategicPlay® is official training provider for CoCreACT® (since 2015) and digital facilitation with STORMZ (since 2016).

Our team of workshop designers and facilitators is not only experienced in enabling and guiding groups of experts to create innovative solutions for their most pressing challenges, but also in combining highly effective practical methodologies based on the latest science with a dynamic and visual approach to facilitation and documentation.

We want our clients to see and use their creative potential.

Creativity is a process, not a talent.
That’s why we believe that everyone is creative. 


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