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StrategicPlay® is Hoffmann Consulting’s brand for innovative and co-creative workshop design, facilitation and trainings. The mission of StrategicPlay is to unlock the full creative potential in diverse groups to create a better future.

StrategicPlay® is official training provider for LEGO® Serious Play® since 2010 and has since trained hundreds of facilitators in this methodology. Furthermore, StrategicPlay® is official training provider for CoCreACT® (since 2015) and digital facilitation with STORMZ (since 2016).

Our team of workshop designers and facilitators is not only experienced in enabling and guiding groups of experts to create innovative solutions for their most pressing challenges, but also in combining highly effective practical methodologies based on the latest science with a dynamic and visual approach to facilitation and documentation.

We want our clients to see and use their creative potential.

Creativity is a process, not a talent.
That’s why we believe that everyone is creative. 


Katrin Elster

Katrin Elster

Katrin Elster is a specialist for strategic co-creation with a strong emphasis on play. She co-founded Hoffmann Consulting GmbH and StrategicPlay® and runs the StrategicPlay® business of the company since 2006. Katrin has a Master in Oecotrophology but started to work in IT consulting, focusing on IT Strategy and Process Design, IT Project and Risk Management.

Since she became a LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Professional in 2006 she designs and facilitates co-creative workshops for diverse use cases and international companies of all fields and sizes. She is also an official trainer for co-creative methodologies like LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®, CoCreACT® and STORMZ.

She entered the international community for Creative Problem Solving in 2010 and since expands her expertise in applied creativity. Passionate about spreading creativity, especially in education, she co-founded the German non-profit organization CREA Germany e.V. with the mission to make creativity a school subject.

Andreas Thier

Andreas Thier

Andreas Thier is a specialist in innovating, facilitating and implementing ICT services and processes, IT security, compliance and risk management. He is an experienced project manager, facilitator, a playful designer and change implementer. Currently he works as a (un)consultant at Hoffmann Consulting GmbH with the german KfW in cyber security strategies, security regulations, compliance and big data visualization.

Driven by the desire to improve communication and creativity in international corporations, large projects and workshops he became a certified project manager, LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® facilitator, CoCreACT® facilitator, STORMZ facilitator and co-founder of the German non-profit organization CREA Germany e.V. Using facilitation and creativity techniques in his daily (un)consulting business, he also frequently supports StrategicPlay® in co-facilitating large StrategicPlay® workshops around the world.

Jens Hoffmann

Jens Hoffmann

Jens Hoffmann is an expert on innovation, service design, organizational transformation and agile management for multinational companies and organizations. Since 1999, he is the Managing Director of Hoffmann Consulting GmbH based in Hamburg, Germany.

As a certified LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® facilitator, certified Creative Problem Solving Facilitator and certified Management Coach he works with managers from the executive to the department level in company and team transformation efforts and is a specialist in designing and facilitating large-scale interventions with (Service) Design Thinking, LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®, World Café, Open Space, Real-Time Strategic Change and Future Conference.

Bahreh Manesch

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Tamara Christensen

Tamara Christensen

Tamara is a passionate and empathetic facilitator, trainer, researcher, speaker and author. She brings nearly 20 years of experience blending design thinking, creative problem solving, collaboration, and research to help organizations build innovation capabilities and apply them to complex business challenges.

Tamara works with a range of organizations from local businesses to global Fortune 100 companies including Honeywell and 3M. She is also faculty in the Thunderbird School of Global Management. She has been described metaphorically as a glass of prosecco, a whirling dervish, and a sharpie. Tamara’s book, F-ing Innovation: Why innovation is hard and what to do about it is available on Amazon.