This is how we solidly anchor the new creative potential in people’s minds.

Co: We believe in cooperation because we believe in collective knowledge: Shared knowledge is better than the sum of single ideas. The participation of one hundred percent of the participants at any time enables a more profound understanding that makes new insights visible.

Cre: Everyone is creative. Creativity is not the talent of some individuals, but a process that everyone can learn. The more playful the method, the more imaginative and surprising the outcome.

Act: The intense connection between hands and brain increases the imaginative power for unique and innovative solutions. That’s why we prototype. Even abstract concepts for brands, business models, and strategies get visualized and tangible through prototyping. Afterwards, they can be edited systematically and developed together.

CoCreACT® Trainings

CoCreACT® Certified Facilitator Training
(3 days)

CoCreACT® Basics Training (1 day)​