Our new LEGO SERIOUS PLAY™ for project management is now ready and already tested by customers:

Strategic Play Project StartUp enables your project management team to successfully implement clearly defined goals.

  • The project leaders and the project management have a common understanding of the project and its objectives.
  • The success criteria for the project have been agreed and defined.
  • The project and communication structures created enable transparent project tracking and effective project control
  • The relevant stakeholders are identified and can be informed and involved according to their respective importance for the project.

With the Strategic Play Project Team KickOff, your project team is optimally prepared for the project and quickly enabled to work together successfully.

  • The team members and project leaders get to know each other quickly and intensively in a playful atmosphere and can ideally use the personal and professional strengths of the other team members in the daily project work,
  • they understand the motivation and objectives of the project and are thus able to work specifically towards the success of the project,
  • they get to know the project environment with the relevant influencing factors and participants and are able to understand the upcoming tasks and solve them in the sense of the project,
  • they know their area of responsibility and can also react quickly and correctly to new challenges on the basis of common decision-making guidelines.

Strategic Play High Performance Project Startup is a cost-effective and time-saving way to combine the benefits of StrategicPlay Project StartUp with StrategicPlay Project Team KickOff.

The results of the workshop are prepared as result types according to the best practice models PMI and PRINCE2.