Making complex questions tangible is the field of application of StrategicPlay. The quickest way to understand this innovative concept is to try it out for yourself. That is why we demonstrated it directly in practice to interested parties in our taster workshops: How does StrategicPlay work, what is it used for and why does it work.

Although we can only present a fraction of our StrategicPlay concept in the taster workshop, this is usually enough to make a lasting, inspiring impression: The participants get carried away and come to a real and exciting exchange in the group, which was probably not expected at the beginning. The LEGO is quickly no longer in the foreground, but the group dynamic process that allows a new quality of problem solving, innovation or strategy development in a short time.

We thank all participants for their dedicated participation! We had a lot of fun!

Quotes from participants after our current taster workshops:

  • "Even during a short taster workshop I could see how creatively and openly you can visualise topics for yourself and the group with StrategicPlay and discuss them afterwards. I can very well imagine using this method in projects, especially for goal setting and retrospectives. I am looking forward to the three-day training at the end of November, where we will further deepen the approach."
  • "I found it very exciting. Because I realised how using Lego makes people put thoughts into form and visualisation. It's an interesting way to get ideas out of people's heads."
  • "It was a lot of fun, I like this kind of "playful approach" to problem solving or to support problem solving processes. I could imagine to include this kind in my work in the future."
  • "I was very fascinated by the workshop with you. The effect of the basic communicative approach is really amazing."

An impression of the taster workshop in Hamburg: