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Our core training offer is the StrategicPlay® Facilitator Training, powered by LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY™: You learn to design, facilitate and integrate your own workshops with the StrategicPlay® concept based on LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY™. In three days of intensive training you learn the essence of our experiences and our knowledge -by incorporating current and many practical hints. For this StrategicPlay® has extracted and condensed all experiences, know how and best practices.

Furthermore we offer individualized trainings for high-performance teams: We review concepts of servant leadership and of project management approaches that are more relevant and practical in today’s business environment, given the constant changes to economic conditions impacted by globalization and technology. We deliver a trainings where participants experience the process of evolving from manager to leader, from traditional project management to agile project leader, and from creation to innovation.

All our trainings and workshops are interactive, fast-paced, educational, relevant, and fun.

We have taken the best methods from training companies around the world to bring you our innovative training program.  Collectively we have been delivering  excellent, customized programs that provide applicable knowledge and hands-on skills for over 50 years. And now we are able to offer train the trainer courses to you.  These sessions have been created so you can develop your own top shelf workshops, using our established and innovative hands-on methods.

Attending our training workshops will give you the opportunity to build and enhance your skill sets in a wide range of different contexts. We can help you to promise 100% engagement because we use interactive hands-on minds-engaged tools that help active participant’s link concepts to their specific learning needs.  Learn to create your own „Strategic Playroom“ and learn key methods to help your clients learn at a deeper level at an accelerated rate.

All of our training programs have a basis in the Instructor-Led Participant-Centered instructional model. People learn best when their stress levels are low and they are playing with concepts and ideas in an environment that supports innovation and fun.

When we use this formula people are more engaged. They are open to new ideas, allowing them to absorb and retain information. And then they are able to integrate and apply what they have learned.  We use numerous techniques to meet all learning styles.

Tomorrow’s leading organizations are seeking creative competencies to balance their critical reasoning skills and to active innovation. Globalization has paved the way for many organizations to depend upon technology for communication, at times creating barriers to effective dialog and the loss of organizational intelligence. To work truly effectively during the twenty-first century people need to possess a shared working mental model. Mental models explain an overlapping understanding that people have regarding their tasks, objectives, the work structure, the processes, and the strategy they implement as they strive to accomplish joint goals and manage change.

We provide workshops around the globe offering sessions in English, German, French, Spanish and a variety of other languages. In all our workshops we use a variety of culturally appropriate methods that assist the learning process by engaging the whole brain in three dimensional creative thinking. Our trainers design and develop fast passed sessions to ignite innovation through interactive, facilitated hands-on experiences. Our workshops facilitate the communication of ideas and perceptions via storytelling, model building, and innovation mining. Participants gain a deeper understanding of what the organization is working towards along with how others think and perform as they work to achieve stated goals. The fact that people enjoy our process so much they lose track of time is no accident; it is all part of our unique offering—an experience with lasting lessons that people never forget.

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