We are honoured to announce the StrategicPlayroom, a global association specializing in the development and application of business tools using innovative, hands-on, whole brain thinking techniques to improve business and organizational performance.

We call our tools strategic play. We use the word strategic to indicate the elaborate and systematic plan for action and the use of strategic thinking. The word play was selected as we believe all people learn better when they are free to play with ideas and concepts in a safe and supportive setting before taking new iniatives into the market where the risks are high.

Our physical Strategic Playrooms are located throughout the globe, presently   Sydney/Australia, Vancouver/Canada and Hamburg/Germany. The Strategic Playroom is represented by its founding members, Denise Meyerson (MCI), Jacqueline Lloyd Smith (Lloyd Smith Solutions) and Katrin Elster (StrategicPlay®) who all have been part of the original LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY™ partner program.

The Strategic Playroom offers trainings and workshops worldwide.  In all our sessions we use a variety of culturally appropriate methods that assist the learning process by engaging the whole brain in three dimensional creative thinking. We design and develop fast passed sessions to ignite innovation through interactive, facilitated hands-on experiences. We facilitate the communication of ideas and perceptions via design thinking  using storytelling, model building, and innovation mining.

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Attending our training workshops will give you the opportunity to build and enhance your skill sets in a wide range of different contexts.  We can help you to promise 100% engagement because we will show you how to use interactive hands-on minds-engaged tools that help active participant’s link concepts to their specific learning needs.

All of our training programs  are grounded in the Instructor-Led  Participant-Centered instructional model. We know that people learn best when their stress levels are low and they are playing with concepts and ideas in an environment that supports innovation and fun.

Upcoming training for StrategicPlay® Fundamentals
(based on LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY™ Facilitator Training):

  • North America: June 7, 8, 9 and 10th in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
  • Europe: June 9, 10, 11 in Hamburg, Germany

If you know our work it is likely you already know there is a global movement that acknowledges creative thinking as the next big economy and that design thinking is being discussed as the next big competitive advantage. Many smart organizations recognize that globalization has allowed for the outsourcing of left brain skills, such as accounting and engineering. But the key to innovation lies within the creative communities. Rapid changes in the business environment require quick thinking, in order to solve problems we have not even realized yet. These problems need to be solved using a new type of thinking, as we will not find the solutions in past experiences.

Learn more about us and our offers at http://strategicplayroom.com

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