The future of LEGO in the business-to-business segment was presented by Lewis Pinault (Senior Director LEGO Play for Business) and Mark Hansen (Senior Director LEGO Digital Play Studio) at this year's Google Partner Conference Zeitgeist 08: End-User Innovation, Lego bricks as a universal language for communication and collaboration in the real, tangible world and virtually in the Lego Universe.

Is the Lego brick "just" a toy or a universally usable tool for creativity and collaboration? Lego has gained extensive experience in recent years that suggests it is a universal platform for innovation and collaboration. It offers enormous potential not only for the development of children, but also for adults in companies and organisations. This experience has been gained in intensive interaction and cooperation with worldwide communities of Lego fans, Lego Mindstorms developers and in the development and work with LEGO Serious Play in companies.

With LEGO Universe, this potential is transferred to the digital world and thus also usable for globally distributed teams without blowing superfluous CO2 into the world. Originally developed as a Massive Multiplayer Online Game (MMPOG) for LEGO fans of all ages, LEGO Play for Business is now working intensively to make these possibilities accessible to companies as well.