StrategicPlay® moderated a session at the project management barcamp, PMCamp, using LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® of course. The topic was the fleshing out of an idea: Open-PM (#openpm). Open-PM is the idea of an open, freely available standard for effective project management. The PM-Camp 2011 was able to give the idea of Open-PM broad support and clout. Initiated by Marcus Raitner, several sessions on openPM took place at the PMcamp, started by the vision development by StrategicPlay®, moderated by Katrin Elster.

The aim of the session was to flesh out (with LEGO®) what the participants' vision of Open-PM is. The video below shows the storytelling at the end of the session: 3 visions from a total of 15 participants after 45 minutes.