What is LEGO® Serious Play®?

Learn more about the method and its many areas of application.

Using LEGO® Serious Play

LEGO® Serious Play® (LSP for short) is used in companies, teams and also with individuals to promote new ideas, improve communication and speed up problem solving.

With the innovative process or the special kind of facilitation technique, unique, sustainable and practical solutions for complex issues are developed and immediately implemented. Major international companies such as EBAY, NOKIA and MICROSOFT already use it to authentically formulate their brand identity, develop innovative ideas and strategies, support the formation of high-performance teams or effectively accompany change processes.

To give you a few examples:

You want to realign yourself strategically or develop a new strategy implemented in your company? We make your strategic plans tangible across all levels and bring them to life together.

You are attracted by a promising business idea or innovationbut you don't know what exactly it could look like or what it would take? We give your ideas direction, let them become bigger and more concrete and play them through with you. Afterwards, you are ready for the new.

The potential that lies within you is not perceived accordingly from the outside? We change your appearance by developing your brand/ identity from different perspectives and designing it in a new and comprehensible way.

Your Team is lacking inner cohesion or pulling power forward into a successful, shared future? We help to use the team's potential to playfully strengthen it from the inside and align it with a fresh wind on the outside.

Areas of application

  • Diversity: Diversity as a strategic success factor
  • Brand Identity: Developing a clear and unique brand identity
  • Project management: starting projects quickly and effectively
  • Project teams: Creating effective project teams and motivating them sustainably
  • Risk management: Identify risks and develop alternative strategies
  • Product development: Designing innovative products and services
  • Change management: starting change processes and implementing them effectively
  • Networking: design conferences full of energy and actively involve participants

Whatever the nature of your complex project, we specialise in developing the co-creative solution for your individual goals.

LEGO® Serious Play® can be used to develop shared visions, values and principles in order to make complexity visible and understandable. It helps to create a new, clear and shared vision of the future of the product, the brand or the company or to reposition teams or areas in the company. A common language and identity can also be developed, teamwork sustainably improved and effective solutions found. effective solutions can be found.

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With our methods, you develop a new understanding of your project together, whether it is a new business model, a new culture, strategy or innovation.


Ideas, thought models and visions come to life with LEGO® models and are better remembered.

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LEGO® is not a toy here, but prototyping material, so that ideas and vision are created in models to discuss and "play through".

Team building and cohesion

Our trainings & workshops not only help to develop innovative ideas and strategies, but also serve team building. Because here the team gets to know each other again in a different environment and atmosphere. The playful, creative exchange gives the individual team members a different insight into their respective ways of thinking and approaches. This makes it even easier to respond to each other and to complement each other's ideas. In addition, joint activities and a sense of achievement strengthen the feeling of togetherness.

Co-creative strategy development process

All participants are 100% engaged and attentive for the entire duration. This is not comparable to normal meetings that define everyday managerial life. The LEGO® Serious Play® concept uses the human imagination to gain deep insight into existing challenges and create new solutions. This taps into a creativity that is all too often deeply buried. This also makes radically new things possible.

Fast and efficient solutions

The process uses Lego bricks and makes it possible to quickly get to the heart of the matter. With Lego models as compressed but information-rich metaphors, even complex issues are presented in a clear, understandable and memorable way. And the safe - because playful - environment of the trainings & workshops makes it easy to discuss even critical points. Through the in-depth dialogue of the participants, better decisions are made in less time. LEGO® Serious Play® shortens the development of innovative strategies to a few days of intensive joint work of the management team.

Where does the method actually come from?

Developed by LEGO® in collaboration with the International Institute for Management Development in Lausanne (IMD), the LEGO® Serious Play® method offers unique solutions to unlock the full potential and creativity of a team or an entire organisation. LEGO® Serious Play® is based on the latest knowledge in systems thinking, brain research, strategy and game development. You want to know more about the scientific background of LSP?

Why StrategicPlay®?

Through our active participation in the Advisory Board for LEGO® Serious Play®, together with the other Master Trainers, we have been ensuring a consistent standard of training and quality worldwide since 2010. Over the years, we have condensed our experience around the best practices, designs and approaches. What else makes us special, can be found here.